Next Generation Fundraising

You are passionate about the topic and community you support? We empower you to achieve more. By programmatic fundraising with a community of individuals who are passionate about what you do. By the sponsorship of a brand that cares about the social impact you create. 

NUI offers non profit organizations a vibrant ecosystem that helps to become more visible and to systematically increase the amount of donations.

  • Map your social cause with one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that the United Nations have established in their Agenda 2030
  • Through the NUI ecosystem, you will be able to find a brand that sponsors your goals and the underlying targets
  • The sponsorship funds won’t be granted automatically, but activated through the activities of individuals: 
  • With NUI, individuals will increase their wellbeing by physical activities; these activities will be translated into a currency that contributes to your social cause
  • You can also created joined activities and challenges with their favorite brand, e.g. planting 1,000 trees a day, donating 100 doses of vaccination or securing the annual education for 10 girls

Increase visibility

in a vibrant community of change makers

create challenges

to speed up fundraising

Stay up to date