NUI Foundation is a charitable organization.

The purpose of the foundation is the acquisition of donations for the financing and implementation of charitable projects at home and abroad. Fundraising can include the entire catalog of Section 52 (2) AO as well as Sections 53 and 54 AO.

To realize this purpose the NUI Foundation runs internet platforms such as the NUI App to bring together donors, individuals and NGOs in an efficient way. The NUI app empowers personal wellbeing by connecting individuals with brands and NGOs under the great vision to create positive change for our communities and our planet. The platform allows NGOs to register their projects to receive funds. It allows individuals to combine their health routine with doing good. It offers a way for brands to spend donations in a more meaningful way connecting to a like minded target group.

The NUI Foundation is the trusted partner that receives the donations from the Sponsor Partners. It will make sure that 100 percent of the donations will be allocated to non profit causes – according to the distribution of the activities of the individuals.


NUI Foundation is driven by the belief that consumers, brands and non profit organizations share a joint mission: To create a better future for us, our societies and our planet.
There is an opportunity where we can connect personal wellbeing with giving back to a good cause AND creating strong consumer-brand relationships for commercial success.

Key Beliefs:

  • We have every technology at hand to solve the biggest challenges of our times
  • Everyone can make a contribution by using the NUI app to combine personal wellbeing with doing good
  • Decide yourself what you want to support – user is in full control
  • Take yourselves and the brands you choose accountable

Key Values: 

  • Trust is the essence of what we stand for. Trust is what ties the community together. Trust to take one another accountable to the actions and the impact that they have. The fabric of trust is woven into our technology, our standards and beliefs, it’s the foundation of changing the world for good.
  • Sustainability is a systematic approach to balance our resources with our needs. A value that pays off on the long run taking into account all external factors and impact that products and services may have. Every partner in the ecosystem shares the belief of the benefits of sustainability and makes steps towards achieving more balance.
  • Equality is the appreciation of the basic rights of every human being, animal and ecosystem on this planet. It is driven by the core belief that wealth and resources should be equally accessible. It is minimizing the destructive impact by politics, war and excessive commercial businesses.
  • Transparency is the foundation of accountability and trust. It is seeking the truth and being open. We aim for transparent display of the cause effect relationships of the ecosystems impact.


Everyone can participate in NUI. We aim to show commercial businesses how to integrate corporate giving into their business model. We consult social entrepreneurs and next generation changemakers and connect them with the resources, expertise, and experience to tackle global challenges.