NUI for Employee Wellness

NUI empowers you to engage your employees. If you want to support mental and physical wellbeing and push your Corporate Responsibility Strategy (CSR) at the same time, NUI offers the perfect match. With every minute your team members exercise, they can generate a donation for a social cause they are passionate about.

You will connect with your employees and build value-based, sustainable and loyal relationships.

Leverage NUI as your next generation employee interaction and loyalty tool.

  • While your employees exercise – alone or together – they can activate donations for a social cause
  • You can programmatically support the NGOs of your choice with real engagement
  • Make your CSR strategy actionable and live it with your team members and the NGOs you support
  • You may set joined goals or create quarterly or monthly competitions
  • The mental and physical wellbeing of your workforce will be supercharged with a purpose
  • You can strategically support social causes you and your employees are passionate about

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